Library Book Check Out/Return During Hybrid/CDL

NMMS Library Book Check Out/Return February 2021

Middle School Students!
The MS Library Catalog is now online! You can Check Out/Return books again! 
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CDL-You can place holds on books by the Thursday before checkout. Checkout is every Monday between Noon and 5 pm. Pick up your books at the front entrance to the MS. Just give the Library a call at 503-678-7143. Return books on their due dates at the front door of the MS in the Return Box.

Hybrid-You can place holds on books by the Thursday before checkout. Checkout is every Tuesday A Day and Wednesday B Day. Books will be delivered to one of your classes on these days. Return books on their due dates to the Book Return Boxes in your classrooms.

Below you can select the Slide Show Link and see how it all works. The Library has also provided a Script of the Slideshow to help as well.

Book Check Out/Return Slide Show Presentation Link

Slide Show Presentation Audio and Visual Script:
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NMMS Library Book Check Out From Home

To hear an audio description on each slide, select the speaker icon. After the Audio is completed, simply click the screen to advance.

Audio 1
Hello students and parents. The MS Library Media Center will be providing an opportunity for our students to check out and return books during Distance Learning.

This presentation will provide you with information regarding how to access our catalog, look at books, place holds or add books to your favorites list, and how to access your Library account.

Let's begin.

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Book Check Out/Return

  • This presentation will show you how to Check Out/Return Books at NMMS.
  • You can check out 4 books at a time for two weeks.
  • Check Out/Return occurs every Monday of the month.
  • You must place the hold on the Wednesday before Check-Out Day.
  • Example: Place the Hold on Wednesday 4 November and Pick Up the book Monday 9 November.
  • You will Return the book two weeks later.
  • You will be given a zippered bag with your name on a tag. Return the books on the next Book Check Out/Return day in that same bag.
  • Please follow current Covid standards and wear a mask and stay 6 feet from others.
  • We will be posting more information on our website and FB.
  • If you have questions, you may write to the Librarian at or call 503-678-7143.

Audio 2

 Slide 3 Redo

 In Google Browser, or in Clever You Will Select the stu.nmsd15 Bookmark and then choose Follett Destiny.

Click on the bookmarks.

Click on Follett Destiny.

Audio 3 Redo
Once you are in your Google browser, or in clever you will notice the stu.nmsd15 bookmark on the far left. This bookmark will have a drop-down menu. Select the Follett Destiny option

 Slide 4
If you see this on your screen:

Choose Your School Account.

Audio 4
If you see this window, and you are requested to choose an account, select your school email account.

 Slide 5
Please Select the Middle School Before Logging In. Click on Middle School.

Audio 5
It is very important that you first select NMMS before logging in. If you attempt to log in before you select the MS, you will not get to the correct catalog.

 Slide 6
This is the Home Page. Here you can log in to access the catalog. But, you can also use the many resources that are listed below to help in your distance learning as well.

Click on "Log In" to Access Our Catalog.

Audio 6
This is our home page. On this page, you will notice the website recommendations. These are sites that will help students with research. Worldbook and OSLIS will need a password. This password can be obtained from your teachers. If you ever have a problem logging in, let me know at A link to this email is on the second slide of this presentation.

You will need to select the words “Log In” in the upper right-hand corner to proceed to the catalog.

 Slide 7
Easy to Sign In-Select Log In Using Your Google.

Audio 7
Here you will choose Log In using your account with “Google”.

 Slide 8
Finding A Book

You can search in the Recently Added, by Topics/Genre, or Search in the Search Bar.

Audio 8
Here is our catalog. The first thing you will notice is the recently added books. If you click on the arrow that is in the same ribbon as recently added books, you can see even more of a selection. If you scroll down you can choose books by topic and genre. At the top, you will find the search window. Type in the Title, Subject, genre, or Author.

 You can easily see if a book is in or out by the little tag on the left corner of the book. If it is out, there may be a small waiting period to get the book. When it is returned from the previous patron, we will notify you that it is available.

 Slide 9
Placing A Hold (Place holds by the Wednesday Before Pick Up Day.)

All you have to do is click on Hold. Your Librarian will be notified and it will be available on the following Monday of the Month. If you change your mind on the hold, you will need to notify the Librarian at

If there is an issue getting the book for you, you will be notified by email.

If you scroll down you can see more information about the book such as reviews and awards. To the right, you will see recommendations for books much like the one you are looking at.

Audio 9
In this window, you can read the description of a book, explore this book by clicking on the title, place a hold or add it to your favorites list.  Your favorites list will help you keep track of titles that you may want in the future. On the right, you will see other books recommended for you based on your current search.

Remember your holds must be placed the Wednesday before Book Pickup.

If you scroll down, you will see reviews and awards for the book.

 Slide 10
Checking your Account and Holds

Select the Symbol (3 lines we call pancakes) in the upper left corner. You can see your account and see your holds, checkouts, and favorites.

Audio 10
To check your account, see your current holds, checkouts, and favorites list, just select the 3 bars in the upper left corner. By the way, we call this symbol pancakes.

 Slide 11
You can see a red highlighted number that tells you how many holds you have. You can have up to 4 holds. If you do not see this menu you may have been logged out. Just log back in.

Audio 11
After you selected the pancake symbol, you will see your Main Menu to the left. You can see how many holds you have by the red highlighted number. You can have up to 4 holds at a time.

 Slide 12
If you have any holds, they will be listed like this.

Audio 12
This is an example of how your hold items will look on your account. Hold Ready means that you can come get the book on the next Pick Up day. Hold Pending means that we will notify you when it is available.

Slide 13
We hope this presentation is helpful to you.

We look forward to providing books for our students during distance learning.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

Audio 13
Thank you for listening to this brief description of how to Checkout, return, and hold books at your NMMS Library Media Center.  We are so excited to help you get books!









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