Personal Electronic Devices (PED's)

Cell Phone Use and Personal Electronic Equipment

The increase in “Smart Phone Technology” has created amazing opportunities for students to maintain a steady stream of contact with the world around them.  This has, at times, resulted in students being distracted from the learning environment or using these devices in ways not conducive to our core values of safety and respect.  It has also created the possibility for theft or damage of expensive equipment.  With all of this in mind, we are trying to embrace freedom of speech and student empowerment while maintaining an environment of educational integrity and safety.  


Please read the following carefully:

Student possession and use of Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s) (such as iPod, MP3 Players, cell phones, smart watches, gaming devices, tablets, etc.) on school grounds, school buses, at school-sponsored activities and while under the supervision and control of school district employees is permitted during certain times and yet students are asked to observe these rules: 

  • PED’S may be used before school and after school (Prior to 7:55 am and after 2:45 pm).
  • PED use during the hours of 7:55 am to 2:45 pm is prohibited.
  • oP.E.D.’s may be used in the front office when explicit permission is granted or if it is part of an individualized learning plan.
  • We recommend devices not be brought to the school because we will not investigate any loss, theft, or damage to them.
  • Any offense to the PED Practices will follow:
    • A first offense will result in a warning.
    • A second offense will result in the device being surrendered to the office and the offense will be recorded.The student may retrieve the device at the end of the day.
    • A third offense will result in the same as a second offense although a parent will need to retrieve the device after school.
    • Any further offenses will result in a parent, student and administrator meeting and potential electronics contract or ban of devices on school premises.
    • Refusal to hand over the personal electronic device may result in a referral and subsequent consequences
  • Phones must be set to silent during all school hours.
  • If the P.E.D. is a personal computer that a student is using for academic purposes in a classroom, parents will need to sign a district user agreement form in advance.The device will only be allowed to be used in approved classrooms for academic purposes.


Possession of a PED on campus is a privilege which may be forfeited by any student not abiding by the terms stated above.


North Marion Middle School is not responsible for any items that are brought to school and are lost or stolen.  This means that in the event a personal electronic device is lost, stolen or broken, we will assist and investigate only as time and resources allow.  Please know this in advance to bringing these personal devices to school.


Finally, we ask parents that if you need to communicate with your student, please contact the front office.  Texting your student encourages them to use their phone when it may not be permitted (NMSD Board Policy JFCEB/JFCEB-AR).

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